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Lex Ryan is a deliciously optimistic pineapple who enjoys taking photos, writing screenplays, and dancing until their legs are jelly. Lex grew up on Long Island, mostly watching The Golden Girls and eating absurd amounts of Cheez-Its with peanut butter. They drank sangria and taught English to kids in Madrid—not at the same time—and ended up in Los Angeles with a master's degree in Film & TV Production from USC.


After graduating, they participated in the inaugural year of Ryan Murphy's Half Foundation Mentorship Program, where they shadowed director Brad Buecker of Glee, Scream Queens, and American Horror Story. They are currently working as a photographer and retoucher, specializing in lifestyle, food & cocktail, portraits and events. 

They hope to impact the way people think about gender and race through images both moving and still.​


pronouns: they/he / Phone: 631-327-1070

Los Angeles, CA

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